Relentless EP

by Relentless

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released May 19, 2009



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Relentless St Paul, Minnesota

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Track Name: Built to Burn
I am terrified by what this world has become. We are spinning out of control. Will we ever dig ourselves out of this hole. Standards of how we live our lives have been thrown into this hell. Wasting away day to day. Regurgitate all you've heard from this world. Everything you do and say have been done before. Originality is now irony. No rewards for the robots of this world. We are destined for failure from the very start. Standardized diets of equal learning from a government that just wants results not quality from you and me. I'm terrified by what this world has become. We are spinning out of control. Will we ever dig ourselves out of this hole. Standards of how we live our lives have been thrown into this hell that we have made. Wasting away day to day. I'm horrified.
Track Name: Carry the Burden
We're on this long and winding road. No destination, no where near our home. Carry the burden, the pain will make us strong. Keep moving forward you'll never keep us down. We stand in the wake of ruin. The much needed truth. Is it hard to avoid what is thrown right in your face? We are born with the heaviest of burdens. It is hard to keep our legs under us. Firm to the ground we call honesty. Understanding we'll never fit in. The boundaries to this journey are endless. No one will ever fence us in. We control our own fates. Our minds are poised and free. We are the badmouthed we are the jeered. We'll never be accepted we'll always be feared. You don't know me. You will fear me. Don't try to hold me. Don't try to be me. We need to suffer to learn our lessons in life. Lessons that are our greatest virtues. Build off of what you have lost and take the lessons from it. This course in life will thicken our skin. Defeat the hate of this world that we live in. We're on this long and winding road. We are no where near our home. Carry the Burden the pain will make us strong. Keep moving forward you'll never keep us down.
Track Name: Looking Back
Looking back I don't know where I'd be without my family. Take me home I want a new start. I feel an emptiness in my heart. With hopes and dreams in my sight I need a chance to get my mind right. More and more I feel drawn apart. The distance grows faster from finish to start. New friendships have grown strong and have been built to last. Anxiety looms and I lose my past. I want to grasp these days of coming into my own. Where the world had no limits and I was always safe at home. All cares swept under the rug. Worry free days yet to come. Trying hard to get somewhere in life. My goals were second to none. I moved away from a dead end to get somewhere in life. Paving my path was the only thing that was right. Making loved ones proud. Striving for only the best. Where I am now feels like I'm failing that test. It's time to reconnect. Rediscover the roots of my youth. I'm laying claim to redemption. My heart I'll never lose.
Track Name: Shedding the Dead Weight
Down on my knees with a gun to my head. One false move and I'm going to be dead. I signed my name on the dotted line. Got a hold of my soul till the end of time. Made the decision had to get it straight. From that downward spiral that would seal my fate. No more excuses going to do this myself. Won't let you make my life a living hell. Don't need you, you're dead weight. You're just an anchor strapped to my back. Try to pull me down I won't falter. Resisting you is what makes me stronger.
Track Name: Relentless
Create a world built of lies. Convince yourself of this false truth. When will you realize there's no way out for you. The end is coming near whether you want it or not. Because your flesh is very weak and some day you're going to rot. We're all dying and that's the honest truth. How you spend your final days is up to you. When you come to that fork in the road, only you have the power to choose. Don't stray down that left hand path because you are bound to lose. You're hope is gone. Praising yourself is empty. Your personal power, you're not a deity. Reject the selfishness that we are born with. Someone is bound to pick you up. Life is short, don't give up. Humility, someone's bound to take your place. Never abandon hope. Stand up for yourself. We've got one shot at this. One chance, one life. Don't cower, don't act defenseless. Start again and be relentless.
Track Name: Standards Set
Dedication to my dearest beliefs. Separation from those who have deceived their convictions. My oath engraved in flesh. I won't ruin. Never live in regret. Timeless are our actions when guided in the right direction but easily forgotten if left idle. Two words mark the heart of my standards. Desecration falling short of their goal. Inebriation will swallow you whole. Everyday struggle, temptation in every direction. I won't run. I will face the attack. Endless are our struggles when we press on. But, easily forfeit with the loss of resolve. Stay strong. Don't lose your grip. Steadfast. We have no room to slip. Two words mark the heart of my standards. Straight Edge.
Track Name: The Cause
Fighting for a cause but we'll never know the truth. We're losing life before it knew life. Malice and greed murder our youth. Led away from home shepherded by the blind. Is the end of days in the sign of times? Have we doomed ourselves without learning from the past? Will we keep on fighting is the question I must ask? Taken from their lives and shipped to a world unknown. Breaking families destroying happy homes. It is our human nature we want what is not ours. If you want it we will take it. Greed runs strong in this war. Fighting for a cause but we'll never know the truth.
Track Name: Trials of Life
It is my choice to live like I do. Never let no one sway my fucking view. It's not the image portrayed or the it thing to do. My edge is for me. Never for you. Drive my life into ruin, I will refuse. My edge is for me, never for you. I used to be weak. Relied on a crutch. Taking down case after case I never knew too much. I thought it made me happy. I thought it made life fun. Never knowing what I did when the night was done. My decision has been made. That life is not for me. Overcome all the doubts I know what I want to be. I will take this lesson, no longer be a slave. My will keeps growing stronger. I know what I want to be. We must make the effort, prove this is not a dream. Rid me of this poison and end my days drug free. This choice makes me stronger. My will it will hold true. Forget all the haters I control what I do. These trials they shape us. They will till we are dead. My trials gave me freedom. They gave me my edge. They gave me my fucking edge.