by Relentless

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released July 10, 2011



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Relentless St Paul, Minnesota

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Track Name: Outrage
I can’t explain
The rage when I see
Society propagate greed
The only standards that remain
Is the money you make
And the prestige you collect

It’s the American way
Where your successes of the past
Mean nothing today
What a disgusting display of power
We’re represented by a ravenous mob
Just beasts on the food chain
Lying to your face for political gain
They’re there to help you
Or so they say
They tell you that they care
And their help goes nowhere.
Deadlocked and growing weary
The jaded denizens of this once great land
Throw down their morals
Ripped at the seams
And fight for the scraps of the American dream
Dog eat dog
We fight for a better life.
Track Name: The Disillusioned
Born into this world
You are a slave unknowing
Your shown a light
Your promised freedom
Then cast into a losing fight
Getting older
Open your fucking mind
Resent the transgressions that are placed on your soul
The grip of the grudge grows tighter
The gears of revenge begin to roll
Weary of strangers
Trust doesn’t come cheap
Fed lies again and again
I won’t believe.
You're just a slave!
No leaders of mine
Can’t count on hollow souls
Perched high on their ivory towers
The disillusioned take on the power.
Track Name: Desolate
Empty and barren inside
All because of my bleeding heart
No love for a beating heart
Apathy is no course for me
Only I know where I’m supposed to be
Always searching for a light
To guide me away from this endless fight
No recourse
Unhappy endings and no remorse
I need absolution
Broken foundation and still no solution
I will struggle
I’ll continue to strive
Do anything it takes to stay alive
I will never reach my destination
If I can’t harness this aggression
I won’t back down
I won’t settle or cope
I’ll make it someday
You can’t break my hope